Free Lending Library/AA Store

ASAAP has funding from United Way to continue our Lending Library for everybody to use. The Lending Library/AA store is open Monday & Wednesday 9-12am and 1-4 pm. Due to the nature of our work, and programming in the schools and colleges we do suggest that you Contact Us, we will make every attempt to ensure someone is in the office to serve you.

CCAA- Challenging College Alcohol Abuse

Challenging College Alcohol Abuse is a social norms and environmental management program that reduces high-risk drinking in college students 18-21 years old. CCAA is an evidence based program that was developed and initially implemented at the University of Arizona. ASAAP unveiled this program in Spring 2014 in Central Community College and Hastings College.


ASAAP staff visits schools in Adams, Clay, Nuckolls and Webster counties every two weeks. ASAAP brings in presenters to teach students about high risk behaviors. Several of the schools work very closely with ASAAP regarding current trends in the high-schools and how, as a team, we can prevent high risk behaviors among students. Students in the ASAAP groups are given the skill sets to assist each other in situations that can be risky and help their peers find resources for help.

Youth Leadership Academy

ASAAP and YWCA are now facilitating the Youth Leadership Academy in Hastings. YLA accepts applications from students in grades 9 & 10 from all three Hastings high schools in the spring of each year. Approximately 25-30 students are chosen by an Advisory Committee that includes schools officials and community leaders, based on their application and two referrals. Students are not judged on grades or other leadership activities. Youth Leadership Academy meets one half day per month during the school year at various locations in the community. Each meeting includes a mini session on leadership skills, teambuilding and project planning time where students interact with community leaders. Graduation in May includes a team report of the project planned and completed during the school year. Those who have completed one year of Youth Leadership Academy can apply a second year to be an Alumni Leader if they will be in 10th grade.

Prime for Life (High School Curriculum)

Prime for Life Curriculum was developed by the Prevention Research Institute. It is a risk deduction program. The first goal of the program is to help each participant in the program reduce risk for any type of alcohol or drug problem. The second goal focuses on self-assessment to help people understand and accept the need to make changes to protect the things most valuable in their lives.

Prime for Life is taught in some of our local schools by certified ASAAP staff. ASAAP also uses this curriculum to teach in our Drug Education Class once per month (3rd Saturday of each month). This class is intended to be taught to teenagers (18 years of age and younger). Parent(s) or guardian are highly suggested to attend with their teenager.

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